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wav. The soft pack cigarettes pack of cigarettes is a compact form of cigarettes that was patented in 1956 by the United States Tobacco Company. The soft pack initially appeared as a single, small pouch of cigarette paper, which would allow the contents of the pack to be more easily re-sealed, saving time and providing a more compact pack. The pack was designed to be more portable and appealing to women, to be an alternative to the hard pack cigarettes, and to be more useful during travel. The pack would become a standard feature on American cigarettes for many years, with minor design variations and updated construction materials that eventually replaced the simple cigarette paper pouch. The use of the term "soft pack" has changed over time. While the first soft pack cigarettes were launched as the "Soft Pack" in 1956, the term "soft pack" was not used until much later, in the 1970s. The term "soft pack" became associated with the modern idea of a "pack of cigarettes" having a different design and construction than the basic hard pack of cigarettes. While some tobaccos are marketed with a "soft pack", the pack does not actually soften the cigarettes, but merely resembles the soft pack design. Even with the launch of the "soft pack", the design remained unpopular with smokers. While the cigarette had been intended for women, the pack had been designed with a deeper, square shape. Compared to the hard pack, the "soft pack" could not be placed in the same drawer, was more difficult to open, and caused friction burns when it was re-closed. In addition, smokers found the cigarette paper somewhat abrasive and irritating. The "soft pack" concept was further tested, but, at the time, the companies were unwilling to invest in new production methods to manufacture the packs. The "soft pack" was not widely used until the 1970s, when a patent for a more secure design expired and the companies began producing the packs. The term "soft pack" has been associated with a variety of pack designs, many of which are plastic-based. However, it is sometimes used to refer to any pack that does not use rigid packaging, such as the current Mylanta. Soft pack cigarettes vary in their degree of softness. The two main types of soft packs are the original paper pack and the modern plastic pack. The original paper pack is associated with the smaller, single-wrap packs that allowed the contents to be re-closed by simply folding the sides back over the top. The newer plastic packs are



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Ios Soft Dev Pack.epub

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