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Here is my story with the custom window treatments 

I was a super energetic, dynamic and active child. My mind was always busy creating and exploring. Even though I wasn’t the best student, I loved to learn new things and be creative. It also helped that math was my favorite subject.

After school, I would run down to the basement of our house to watch all the activities in my family’s window treatments business. The selection of materials, the sewing and the customization of shades and draperies. I was fascinated.

Even though I was only 13, I was able to start helping out with small tasks and gradually became more involved with the process. The creative process and the precision of the fabrication were exciting.

I begged my father to take me on an installation with him. Always the answer was, “No, you are too young.” Finally, tired of me asking, he agreed to bring me on a job. I loved it! Seeing the final step in the process and most importantly, experiencing the satisfaction of the customer was addictive.

I worked hard in my family’s business and loved being involved in the entire process, the creativity of the design, the precision of the measurements and construction, and finally seeing the final product installed. I realized my passion was in creating custom window treatments. I kept learning, creating, and honing my skills. I enjoyed tackling tough window problems that others didn’t want to deal with. After awhile, I became the expert on automated systems as well as a general problem solver.

When the wars came to my country Lebanon, I found my business goals temporarily put on hold. As a skilled, dynamic young man in my twenties, I had big dreams with no way to achieve them.

So I moved to California. In California I found my second home. I love it here. The people are welcoming, and there are so many opportunities. I went to SBCC and then I got job with one of the best nationwide custom window treatment companies in America.

It was an exciting time for me. A new country, new friends and a new job. Fortunately my skills were in demand and I did well. No matter what you’re envisioning or where you are constructing, you need accurate measurement, precision sewing, of course, creative solutions to the customer’s problems.

Now that I have my own business serving interior designer plus individual customers, I am able to use both Mediterranean and the American techniques to create new innovative solutions for window treatments.

It’s more than I could have ever imagined. My own business where I am able to use my creativity and precision, my problem solving skills, my math background, and ease in learning new technology. My dream has come true.

profile picture.jpeg
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